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"If I fits, I sits" 2-D cat square

"If I fits, I sits" 2-D cat square
We all know that cats love to get in boxes. Now scientists have tested whether cats will sit in a 2 dimentional box shape taped on the floor.  Kinda like this.

[Image: if-I-fits-I-sits-cat-tape-circle.jpg]

 I'm not too sure of the veracity of the experiment. There were only 30 cats in the study but here's an image of a cat who walking up to the square that has right angled corners and sat in this square rather than the one next to it with the corners going in the wrong direction.    Kinda funny.  I like that square too, Mr. Kitty Cat. The other one doesn't make any sense.  Ick.  Don't sit in that square.  It's too weird. 

[Image: cat-in-box.jpeg]

Here's the study. 

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"If I fits, I sits" 2-D cat square
I see the humans are directly in front of that square. Does the test allow for that?
  [Image: attachment.php?aid=31] Dog  
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"If I fits, I sits" 2-D cat square
This post reminded me of some videos of big cats in boxes.  Interesting observation of the video below: the biggest big cats, lions and tigers, seem to enjoy playing with the boxes and destroying them, while smaller cats like to get into the boxes, maybe as a kind of den/protection.  That made me think that the study you reference may not be all that solid--hard to see how the cat perceives any sort of protection from images on the floor.   

god, ugh
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