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My 9th Great Grandfather

My 9th Great Grandfather
I've been doing some more research on my family and came across the story of George Bailey, my 9th great grandfather, born in 1660 and died in 1774.  (He's  either my 8th or 9th.  I need to count more carefully)  This was in a Maryland historical book. 

Quote:In his later years George Bailey stated that he remembered the London Plague of 1665.  It is speculated that his parents died in the London Plague as we find him arriving on the eastern shore, Somereset Co., MD, about 1671 at the age of 11, without family.  He had traveled from England with one George Johnson, to whom he was "bound out" as a bond servant.  George Bailey survived this harsh servitude.   At the age of 28 George registered his cattle brand on 1688 and on May 1689 bought his first land from Manasses and Elizabeth Morris.  The tract, called Elizabeth's Choice had been granted to Morris on June 12, 1688 and was located near the head of Quantico Creek on the north side.  George paid 4,500 pounds of tobacco for the property. Around 1692, George married Mary Young.   On June 16, 1704 George and his wife Mary, sold the 200 acre tract to John Parsons for 20 pounds sterling.

When he was in his 80's he petitioned to the March Court of 1741 to allow him to be released from his tax burden because of his advanced age and this was the statement he filed.

Quote:"In the worshipful the Justices of Somerset County now in Court. Filing the petiton of George Bailey Senior of Stepney Parish humbly showth that your petitoner is Eighty years of age or more for I very well remember the plague of London 1665, so that I need not tell your workships that I am weak and past my usual Laborur, my children are high of age and for themselves, Sevants and Slaves I have none, so I humbly pray workships to set me Tax free, as your usual wisdom in Chirstian prudence very commendly believes ancient people to their great comfort in their Latter days, and your peteioner as in duty bound shall ever pray.

The petition aforesaid being said and heard and fully understood , it is considered by the Couty here that the aforesaid George Bailey be for the future Tax Free as by the petiton aforesaid is paid for 

The Court allowed it.  

His will is also recorded in the Maryland historical books.  He wills all his lands to his wife Mary and a bunch of stuff to his kids. He had no slaves or servants.  He seemed like a nice man.  

I read that it was common for orphans to be snatched off the streets of London and sent off to be indentured servants in the British colonies and I'm pretty sure this is what happened to George. I looked at the record of George's parents who both died in 1665 in London which was the year of the London Plague.  George would have been 5 years old.  The George Johnson, whom George Bailey was indentured to, was a Quaker.  But I have to say, he was probably much better off than wandering the filthy, dirty streets of London.
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My 9th Great Grandfather
He lived to be 114 years old ?
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My 9th Great Grandfather
(04-08-2021, 02:08 AM)Bucky Ball Wrote: He lived to be 114 years old ?

Oops, he died in 1745 at the age of 85.  I'm not good typing the number keys.

Indentureship was pretty awful but he probably would have died on the streets of London and I wouldn't be here typing this drivel.   Smile

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