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RPG Classics

RPG Classics
So earlier today I discovered The Trove.

Amongst the other classic RPGs archived there is the old Paranoia game. Would anybody be interested in playing at some point?

Paranoia campaigns are typically short-lived with talented players able to burn through a six-pack of clones in a single evening. If you aren't familiar with it, it's self-described as "Laurel and Hardy get a job with the IRS aboard the starship Enterprise." Don't worry about learning the rules. Unlike most RPGs that's a treasonable offence, punishable by death.

The premise is that you and all of your "team-mates" are Trouble Shooters. You find trouble. You shoot it. Unless it shoots, mangles, vaporizes, folds, or otherwise discorporates you first. You live in Alpha Complex, a vast underground warren run by The Computer. The Computer is your Friend! Trust The Computer! There is no truth to the rumour that The Computer is insane and it certainly wasn't responsible in any way for "The Big Whoops" that turned the rest of humanity into trace impurities in the stratosphere and rendered the surface uninhabitable. You are a back-stabbing, bungling, malicious incompetent who is a traitor to Alpha Complex, as are all your team-mates and every other character in the game.

The objective is to die entertainingly.

RPG Classics
Definitely up for an RPG session. Got back into it big time myself over the last year.
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RPG Classics
I re-found my (previously) lost youth here

Those who ask a lot of questions may seem stupid, but those who don't ask questions stay stupid.
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RPG Classics
(12-07-2018, 10:20 PM)Paleophyte Wrote: So earlier today I discovered The Trove.

Wow.  That's a blast from the past seeing all those old booklets from various games.  I think I have some of those packed away somewhere.

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