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Awesome free point-n-click adventures

Awesome free point-n-click adventures
There is a series of 10 free games in this series, called Rusty Lake. You spend most of the time in one room (different in each game) where you interact with everything around you to try and figure out how to progress.

They are extremely polished, dark and surreal. The puzzles are tough but usually logical. The guy has made a couple of paid episodes as well (which I’ve not bought yet) but which aren’t required to play any of the 10 free adventures.

Cube Escape: Theatre by Rusty Lake


You’ll find the rest by searching under Rusty Lake.
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Awesome free point-n-click adventures
Thanks for this, Rob. I love free point in click adventures.

I recently bought some not free point and click adventures myself.

I bought the 25th anniversary edition of Simon the Sorcerer 1 and 2 (the original version of the first game being the first ever video game I had. I had it on my 7th birthday. Still remember opening the box now), I bought the Special Edition of Monkey Island 1 and 2, I bought Day of the Tentacle Remastered, I bought Full Throttle Remastered, I bought the directors cut of the first Broken Sword and the remaster of the second one ... and I fully intend to buy Thimbleweed Park—a point and click adventure game that came out in 2017 but is created by the creator of Monkey Island and is designed to look like an old classic point and click adventure from the early nineties.

I bought all of these on gog.com (Good Old Games).

What's more: when it comes to free games ... the classics Lure of the Temptress and Flight of the Amazon Queen are completely free on GoG.com. So is Beneath a Steel Sky. Also completely free. And Beneath a Steel Sky is one of my absolute favorites.
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(2) But you can't originate your original nature—it's already there.

(3) So, ultimately, you can't control your actions.

Awesome free point-n-click adventures
No prob Smile

I just found this, they made a short film based around the games. It’s incredibly good!


Awesome free point-n-click adventures
How about Submachine series?

I really liked that one.

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